Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Color Inspirations

I feel like I just won the lottery. I was shopping around Anthropologie and was digging through the treasures in the sale room. I stumbled across a duvet set that I have had my heart set on for the last two years.

As I hold the set (that is the exact size of my bed, amazing right?) there is some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket (or my really cute fuschia purse). Soooooo, i go for it. The reason for the story is this: it has inspired a color scheme. With its delicate chirping (i can tell they are chirping) birds perched on their antiquey branches, they inspire a sort of serenity and spring vibe. I am in love with the idea of olive green accented with a blue-ish purple vibe. So I pulled a few pictures of some inspiration for the palatte:

From left to right:
blue cakes: Cheryl Kleinman Cakes, Mary Ellen Bartley Photography
peacock invites: Designs by Cindy, Morris Malakoff Photography
blue bootie: Jimmy Choo
green cake: Take the Cake, Riverbend Studio
green apples: David Medina
bride and bridesmaids: Bruce Forrester Photography
bridal bouquet: Rose Tree Floral Sesign Studio, Amelia Tarbet Photography
table setting: Azul Photography

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Ashley Rose said...

I love that you are making inspiration boards now!!!! =) yippee, oh and do you want me to change your blog width and show you how to get bigger pics on your blog? :) just holla!