Thursday, June 25, 2009

Raging down the River!!!

So, I'm off for a weekend of danger and peril.  I will be raging down the American River this time tomorrow!  Then off to San Francisco for a few days for some work and some fun!  And some delicious, organic, vegan food!  Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fun Baby Shower!

I had the ultimate pleasure of creating the design for a very special baby shower at Strawberry Farms. We decided to go with a bubble gum pink table linen with a lime green overlay adorned with adorable pink buttons. The floral centerpieces were large china mums, viburnum, ranunculus, pink roses, green roses and hydrangea. Half of the vases were covered with different styles of fabric to match the green and pink motif, while others were wrapped with earthy seagrass. The butterfly cake was designed and created by jesi haack weddings as well, with the little baby girl in mind. She is going to love butterflies and polka dots! 
Thank you to the WONDERFUL 
Ashley Rose for the beautiful pictures! You are the bomb!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Green Wedding Shoes!

I am so excited!  Today one of my favorite wedding blogs, Green Wedding Shoes, featured Darren + Kayli's wedding!  Thank you so much to my amazing vendors Aaron ShintakuAmy HindenSweet and Saucy Shop for all of your unbelievable talent!
You MUST check out this blog (like you all haven't already, pffffsshhhh) you will find a plethora of beautiful, unique and inspiring wedding goodness!  Thanks again Jen, for honoring me with your post!

Happy Father's Day!

Here is a peek at what my hubby got for his special day:  (yes, it is a mustache key holder)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kayli + Darren

I cannot say enough about this wedding.  Darren and Kayli trusted me with the complete design of their event as well as the floral design.  I had the time of my life!  We decided to go with the vintage, rustic vibe.  We started with a killer venue, Red Horse Barn.  Then went with amazingly classic gray suits for the guys, you may remember my thoughts on gray suits from this post.  Darren bought sweet gray vans, colored socks and matching undies for his guys.  Kayli went with a  handmade string of pearls made with love by her mom, and a vintage fabric flower for her hair, the patent leather yellow heels completed her look.  I added some of her grandmother's vintage buttons from her collection to the corsages and boutonnieres to bring in the vintage, personal touch.  The intricate dessert bar showcased homemade cookies by the mother of the bride and unbelievable fudge by the grandmother of the groom.  So many personal treasures were woven throughout the design of this event!  One of my favorite details to put together was the shredded vintage sheet backdrop with scrapbook page flags that we hung behind the dessert display.  Kayli and Darren had such style that made my job not only easy (ok, maybe not EASY) but I was flying on cloud nine while putting it all together!  To make the day as perfect as can be, I was blessed by working with my DREAM TEAM of vendors!  Here are the people with all of the amazing talent:

Photography:  Aaron Shintaku and Amy Hinden, formerly AHS Photography
2nd shooter (so Aaron could be a legit groomsman :):  Gabriel Ryan
Hair & Makeup:  Carlie Renee
Dessert Display:  Sweet and Saucy Shop
DJ:  Johnny E
Officiant:  Isaac Marcs
Floral Design:  jesi haack weddings
Photobooth:  Foto Cabina
Event Design + Coordination:  jesi haack weddings
Beautiful Hair Piece:  Oh My Deer

Friday, June 12, 2009

Aaron Shintaku

Most of you probably are already familiar with his work from this post, but I wanted to give up some serious LOVE for my friend and photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE Aaron Shintaku.  His style is so clean, and creative, and just straight up LEGIT.  I have always been his biggest fan and I am beyond tickled to be working with him and Amy this weekend and to see what pieces of gold they capture.  Aaron recently launched his new website after deciding with his partner and sister to split AHS Photography into two separate companies.  The other half of AHS, Amy Hinden, is doing exciting things with the portrait side of photography.  Stay tuned for a post on her to come!  I am so excited for the new things that are happening for them and their businesses! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our clients are the BEST.

Can you believe it?  My sweet clients, Sarah and Cezanne brought me a gift to their rehearsal.  Their incredible wedding was inspired by their love for design.  So.....they got me a Jonathan Adler book and a coffee mug from his design store!  I am in love with both of them!  The book is full of hilarious conversations and I drink my tea out of my mug each morning!  It helps Ryan get a feel of the mood for the day....thank you to my very talented hubby, Ryan, for taking these pics.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sarah + Cezanne

This clean, modern, design inspired wedding showcased Sarah and Cezanne's love for ultra-hip designer, Jonathan Adler and The Parker, a chic resort in Palm Springs.  From the custom designed monogram, courtesy of the groom, to the fruity, Creamsicle signature cocktails, it was impossible for their guests not to feel drenched in chic exuberance.  Each reception table claimed the name of one of the couples' favorite mid century designers and the fortune cookie favors illustrated the story of their engagement.  Everywhere they looked the guests were refreshed with an eyeful of buttercream yellow, tangerine orange and lime green detail.  The tantalizingly tempting dessert display had every taste bud in the room screaming for a mini-cake lollipop, or a mouthful of cotton candy.  Paired with the newly renovated, modern decor of The Belamar Hotel in Manhattan Beach, it was a dynamic display that could not be matched.  Maybe not even by The Parker itself :)
Amazing dessert display by Sweet and Saucy Shop
Wedding photos by Posada Photo
Additional detail shots by Adrianne Bonafede
Killer tunes by Epic Entertainment
Videography by Manifest Videography
Letterpress Invites by Two Piglets
Graphic Design by Cezanne Ferris-Gilbert "Groom"
Wedding design concepts by Sarah Locke Ferris-Gilbert "Bride" in conjunction with jesi haack weddings
Planning + Coordination by jesi haack weddings

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Max Wanger

I can barely contain my excitement to share this incredible James Bond status photo-genius with you.  The unique style that his lens captures is seriously unmatched.  His personalized signature is apparent in each image he snatches.  When I first checked out his blog, tearing my eyes away from my computer was like pulling my tongue off of an icy pole.  It just wasn't working.  He is also part of a KILLER collaboration called The Flashdance with photogs Our Labor of Love and a DJ called The Human Jukebox.  They are inspired by clients with a unique take on their wedding day.  The best news of all?  He and his incredibly adorable and ultra-chic bride to be are MY CLIENTS!  How did I get so lucky?  I am truly blessed to be working with this AMAZING couple and their wedding is going to be so cool, so hip, so unique that you are going to FLIP.  Here he is, the incredible Max Wanger:  
"Max constructed his first Polaroid camera
out of paper and scotch tape when he was
seven years old. To this day, he is fond
of scrap and simplicity, as well as vinyl
figures and the entire city of Tokyo.
Like you, Max has an incurably romantic
spirit that is warmly reflected in
his wedding photos, as well as those that
focus on food, fashion, foreign capitals,
friends, and loved ones. That's a lot of
"f" words"