Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amazing Accessories

Accessories. Amazing Accessories. Everything from hair pieces, belts, earrings to veils and necklaces. These things truly are unique and COUTURE! Justine M. Couture is an unbelievable designer of all things to accessorize the most perfect bride. I have actually had a couple of my "most perfect brides" adorned with the creations of Justine M. Couture. Well, GOOD NEWS! She is having a trunk show this weekend! Go and check out all of her wonderful pieces! Here are the deets:

February 27, 2010
La Jolla, CA
T: 858 551 1295

photos by Sarah K Chen & Perfectly Pictured (respectively)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Style Me Pretty

Our Winter Wedding Shoot was featured on one of my all time FAVORITE blogs EVER, Style Me Pretty! I can barely contain my excitement! Go check it out:

I will be posting a full post of this beauty soon, so keep your eyes open!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pink Princess Party

You are about to see the most adorable little princess ever. Proceed with caution, you will fall in love. Princess castle bounce house. Yes. Pink cupcakes. Yes. Pink marshmallows to use for snowball fight. Yes. Endless buffet of home made food. Yes. All guests wearing pink, even the guys. Yes. Fun fabrics. Yes. Adorable, scrumptious, chunky love little princess in a tutu. Yes.

Check it out. Yes.

Friday, February 5, 2010

DIY Billy Ball Flowers

Craft time. Flower alternative time. Who did I call for help? Domestic Day! In my book, she is the Queen of Crafters. We decided to make a billy ball look-a-like out of crafting supplies. I'm going to show you how we did it. Here you go:

1 bowl of hot water
1 bowl of cool water
Dish Soap (I of course recommend something environmentally friendly)
Package of Natural Wool Roving.
Pipe cleaners or wood skewers for stem of flower

Step 1:
Cut out a piece of roving. The length determines how large of a ball you get. Just experiment at first, until you figure out how large you need them to be for your specific project. In this picture I cut out about 6 inches.

Step 2:
Tie the roving in a knot right in the middle.

Step 3: Spread out the roving evenly on each side of the knot.

Step 4: Bunch both frayed ends around the knot.

Step 5. Once you have bunched the roving together, put a small dot of dish soap in the palm of your hand about the size of a lima bean. MMMM, when is the last time you had lima beans? So good.

Step 6:
Start rolling the roving around in your hand to saturate the wool with soap.

Step 7:
Once you feel like you have spread the soap out a bit, dip the roving ball in the hot water.

Step 8:
Continue to roll around in your hands to create a ball. As the ball gets soapy, continue to dip in the hot water. I rolled each ball around for about 1 minute, and dipped into the hot water 3-4 times.

Step 9:
Once you feel as though you have rolled out a majority of the soap, dip the entire thing in the cold water.

Step 10:
Continue to roll around in your hands to dry it out a bit.

Step 11:
Stick a wooden skewer, floral wire, or pipe cleaner into the ball to create a stem.

Step 12:
Place in your arrangement of choice. YES.

Big thanks to Mr Haack Photo and Melody Brandon for the photos! ENJOY!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Antique Unique Wedding

Obsessed. That is all I have to say. Josh and Jordan: the most perfectly sweet and amazing couple. They gave me full reign in design with a few ideas of what they like. Their families were glorious. Their friends were spectacular. It was truly a perfect experience. I felt so blessed, lucky, and was just beaming to be a part of it. Ok, enough. Let me tell you about the design.

Lanterns. Amy Butler fabrics. Vintage frames. WHITE CHIAVARI CHAIRS! Kale blooms in the bouquets. Sweet and Saucy inspired cake. Stephanie Williams behind the lens. LOVE IT ALL. What do you think?

Thank you to the amazing vendors:
Chiavari Chairs: Classic Party Rentals