Monday, March 30, 2009

Owl Obsessed

So look at these cute things. Found them at a girlfriends house who is totally into owls but in denial, and fell in love. You can find them at Anthropologie. I am obsessed with them. Their eyes are tugging on my little heart strings. I am working on trying to figure out a way to incorporate them into a wedding. Any ideas?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Paper Flowers

Something different. Something distinctive. Something fun. Something EASY....paper flowers! You can jazz up your ceremony venue, your reception tables, your bouquets, your headpiece, your cake or anything else you can think of! These beauties can be created months before your big day. I am envisioning a beautiful waterfall full of colored paper flowers stuck in chicken wire flowing on either side of the bride and groom during their ceremony. Or delicately placed on the cake. Or surprisingly popping out of vintage vases on the dinner tables....really anywhere your imagination will take you. The combination of fresh flowers and paper flowers will create such a magical, yet classy vibe at any party. check out some ideas, and go to dozi design for a sweet tutorial on how to DIY!

Martha Stewart


Percy Sales Events
Ten Thousand Only
Marie Belle SoHo
Dozi Design
Velvet Strawberries
Apartment Therapy

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Color Inspirations

I feel like I just won the lottery. I was shopping around Anthropologie and was digging through the treasures in the sale room. I stumbled across a duvet set that I have had my heart set on for the last two years.

As I hold the set (that is the exact size of my bed, amazing right?) there is some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket (or my really cute fuschia purse). Soooooo, i go for it. The reason for the story is this: it has inspired a color scheme. With its delicate chirping (i can tell they are chirping) birds perched on their antiquey branches, they inspire a sort of serenity and spring vibe. I am in love with the idea of olive green accented with a blue-ish purple vibe. So I pulled a few pictures of some inspiration for the palatte:

From left to right:
blue cakes: Cheryl Kleinman Cakes, Mary Ellen Bartley Photography
peacock invites: Designs by Cindy, Morris Malakoff Photography
blue bootie: Jimmy Choo
green cake: Take the Cake, Riverbend Studio
green apples: David Medina
bride and bridesmaids: Bruce Forrester Photography
bridal bouquet: Rose Tree Floral Sesign Studio, Amelia Tarbet Photography
table setting: Azul Photography

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet and Saucy

Chocolate and peanut butter bars. Mini cake lollipops. Mini key lime pie bites. The most amazing sugar cookies you have ever tasted. I am talking about Sweet and Saucy. My favorite pastry vendor that I have had the pleasure to work with at several different occasions. Melody Brandon, the Executive Pastry Chef, is cutting edge, knock your flippin socks off, awesome. Her cake designs are so amazingly imaginative that they belong on the cover of every magazine in Barnes and Noble. Martha Stewart should be feeling a little bit of pressure right about now. Sweet and Saucy will bake up ANY dessert in mini form that you can come up with. They will design and create the most beautiful of dessert bars (which is the latest wedding craze, BTW)...They can take any picture or logo and print it on a cookie. And here is the kicker: they all taste divine. I know, right? You can get the most beautiful of cake or dessert and it actually will make you want to cry it tastes so good. Can you tell I am obsessed? Ok, I'm done with my ranting. Now check out some pictures:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ask the right questions

photo by ryel j

One of the many perks of hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is that you are hiring someone who is a Professional. Someone who has planned weddings and events over and over, has seen some pretty complicated problems, who has fixed those problems and now knows how to avoid such complicated matters! With that being said, there a some very important and complex questions that need to be asked when searching for a reception site. Here are a few that I have in a spreadsheet that I share with all of my brides and now I am sharing with you!
  • Do I have to go with your caterer or can I bring in my own?
  • How many people are you able to accomodate?
  • What is the price for renting the venue?
  • What is the price for food & beverage?
  • Do you have a food & beverage minimum?
  • What is your service charge?
  • Do you apply tax?
  • Are there any other fees?
  • How long do I have the venue?
  • What is the charge for extra hours?
  • Will there be other weddings on the same day as mine?
  • How early can my vendors arrive to setup?
  • Does this venue come with a bridal room to get ready?
  • Does this venue come with a grooms room to get ready?
  • Does this venue come with a room for the bride and groom the night of the wedding?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • Do you offer valet parking?
  • Where are the bathrooms located?
  • Are there enough bathrooms for my guest count or do I need to rent more?
  • What are the restrictions for decor (can i stick things in the ground, hang things from trees, light candles...)?
  • Do you have security at the event?
  • Does this venue come with a facility coordinator?
  • What are the sound restrictions?
  • Are there adequate electrical outlets?
  • Are we able to have live music?
  • Does this venue come with tables and chairs?
  • What kind of tables and chairs?
  • Are there any discounts for specific days or months?
  • Is there adequate lighting for night events?
  • Is the venue handicapped accessible?
  • Am I able to bring in my own vendors or must I use your approved listings?
  • What is the deposit required and is it refundable?
  • If anything is broken or visibly unappealing, will it be fixed before the event?
  • If the venue does come with a coordinator, what does this person offer?
  • Are there extra charges for coordinator upgrades?
  • How long do we have to cleanup after the event?
  • Are you willing to hold rental items for pickup on Monday?
  • If the venue is an outdoor venue, what is your policy for rainy events?
  • Is there an indoor option?
  • Where will the cocktail hour take place?
  • Are there additional rental charges for a dance floor or altar?
  • What are the smoking rules?
  • Does the site hold a liquour license or must I bring in my own?
  • Is there a kitchen area for the caterer?
  • Is a fire permit required? If so, who do I contact to acquire it?
  • Does the site require me to purchase liability insurance? Do my vendors need to carry insurance? If so, which ones and for what amount?
  • Does the site require my vendors to sign any sort of waiver or list of restrictions?
  • Does the trash get hauled off at the end of the event or am I responsible for that?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Midnight Inspirations

I'm floating weightlessly in dreamland, enjoying some serious REM sleep. Just when my extremely realistic dream about Britney Spears and I walking around Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory was getting good, my eyes open wide and the lightbulb in my brain goes, "DING!"
That happens to me so frequently that I sometimes think about drinking heavily before retiring for the evening (the waking up with an idea part, not the me and britt hanging at Willie's Factory part). Just so you know, I can totally handle resisting the drinking urge as well. Anyway, I am getting off track. These middle of the night moments are sometimes when I get my best inspiration. My cute little notepad that sleeps on the bedside table next to me sits, anxiously awaiting the next brilliant idea. The idea that was born recently involves sticks. And branches. And wood. And lemons. I wish I could show you a picture of it, but you will have to wait until June, when it actually comes to fruition. Until then, check out some amazing stick creations that I love:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grand Opening of Bridesmaid Lounge!

Corona Del Mar's esteemed bridal boutique, The White Dress is throwing a huge bash for the opening of their ever-so-unique Bridesmaid's Lounge. Friday March 6 through Sunday March 8 from 9am to 4pm a full service partaaaay will be jammin' at this beautiful boutique! jesi haack weddings will be there to offer the latest advice in wedding trends and super chic ideas. In addition to getting to hang out with me (as if you need another reason to go) you will enjoy:
  • Amsale’s bridesmaid collection, in addition to dozens of styles from Priscilla of Boston, Melissa Sweet, Vineyard, Badgley Mischka, Lynn Lugo, and Vera Wang
  • Celebrated jewelry designers, Michelle Miller of MMM Designs and Justine Murray of The Tiara Room, will be unveiling their new lines of jewelry and accessories for bridesmaids
  • Unique and creative treats from esteemed pastry chef Melanie Brandon of Sweet & Saucy
The Bridesmaids’ Lounge is a completely new take on the usual dress-shopping experience. You can browse hundreds of dresses by top designers, then take a seat on one of their plush, Marie Antoinette-style couches and watch your friends put on a little fashion show!

If you would like to make an appointment for this very special event, please give the girls at The White Dress a call at (949) 723-0121

Make sure you check out mason jar bride for a seriously SWEET wedding blog!

Upscale Bridal Show

Festival of Brides is throwing a bridal show this Sunday, March 8th at The Pelican Hill Golf Resort in Newport Coast. Go and check out its breathtaking ocean views and enjoy a couture fashion show by Erin Cole Couture Bridal. You will also be able to chat with Orange County and LA event designers and planners, as well as enjoy some food, cake and champagne tastings. Pre-registry tickets are $ much fun for so little dough....