Thursday, September 24, 2009

Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner/Coordinator

I have had the honor and extreme pleasure of contributing articles to Style Unveiled, one of the most impeccably perfect wedding websites out there! Check out my first article here illustrating the importance of a Master Timeline. The debut of my second article, "Venue Coordinator Vs. Wedding Coordinator" was just posted. Go here to check out Style Unveiled's beautiful layout. Stay tuned for more informative and hopefully entertaining articles as Style Unveiled has asked me to be a PERMANENT "Wedding Advice" blogger! Can you say, "WHAT???" I am beyond excited.


The blushing bride swells with excitement as her newly adorned groom dips her ever so gently, just at the precise moment their song chimes the last tune. They take a humble bow to their guests. The father of the bride grabs the mic. Everyone is smiling, anxiously awaiting what kind and funny words the proud father will share. Everyone, that is, except for the bride. She knows her father too well and knows that he has enjoyed one too many Marry Mojitos (her talented wedding planner came up with that one). The bride stands frozen in place, a solid yet uneasy smile on her face, completely unsure of how to put out this impending fire. Luckily, her trusty wedding planner is standing by with a fire extinguisher. Because of the intense planning sessions spent together in the 12 months preceding this moment, her planner has learned priceless pieces of information. At this moment in time, she holds this valuable golden nugget: the father of the bride has a tendency to over-indulge in the special sauce. She swoops in and gracefully sneaks the mic away from the FOB and transitions the toasts over to the Best Man. Fire extinguished.


The party is in full swing. The cake has been cut. The lovebirds are slow-dancing seventh grade style in the center of the dance floor…to a fast song. The guests’ attention is ushered toward the screen. The slide show, cleverly staged by the brother of the groom, is cued. As the opening photos flash across the screen, the music begins to garble. It sounds as though the speakers are playing a mean game of “Chubby Bunny." The guests glance around uncomfortably. The bride and groom look up at the screen with a frozen smile. The feedback in the speakers growls louder and more intrusive. The wedding planner is frantically flipping switches and jiggling wires. The sound check went flawlessly! Why is this happening? As organized, trustworthy, and together the wedding planner has proven to be, this unforeseen complication could happen at any time. Just when the crowd’s attention span was about to run out, the venue coordinator rushes into the audio room and flips a switch. All of her years of experience in one venue taught her that there is a specific electrical complication that acts up unpredictably. The music smoothes out, and the slide show plays on. The guests laugh in all of the right moments, the bride and groom kiss each other sweetly as they remember their childhoods.


Of course being a wedding planner myself, I want to persuade you of the extreme importance of hiring someone to walk with you through the planning process from day 1. Someone who will get to know you on a personal level and use your personality in the planning and design of your day. But let’s be honest. I am a bit biased. The truth is, the partnership between your Wedding Planner and the Venue Coordinator is the ultimate unbreakable defense system. Armed with personal knowledge, your planneracts as the advocate of your personal preferences and needs. Armed with knowledge of the facility details, the venue coordinator covers the gaps the planner cannot fill. You see, your planner spends the time with you the venue coordinator can't. And the venue coordinator spends the time with the venue that your planner can't. It’s a brilliant collaboration!

~jesi haack

and just because I want you to see my artistry abilities, I have added a pic for your viewing pleasure:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fresh Color Combo: Green and Black details.

Apple Green Linens. Black Chiavari Chairs. Black and White paper fans. Apples. Flashcards. Yo Yo's. Engagement pictures turned into coloring pages. White Feather Boas. Display of rustic cakes. More to come.
Event Design: jesi haack weddings
Dessert Display: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Florals: Kris Delau
Linens & Chairs: Megan at Classic Party Rentals
Photography: Matthew Morgan (showcasing my in house photographer, but cannot WAIT to get Matt's photos!)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eco Friendly Tips

So, how annoying is it when you get home from work and you see a stack of phone books sitting on your doorstep? I DO NOT understand why they still print them? How many trees are we gonna kill? Haven't we heard of Google? Ok, so maybe some people don't have computers, or try not to have internet at home (which is a cool vibe, btw) but here is a tip for those phone books anyway. Turn them into art! I tweeted, twittered, twighted, whatever....the other day about these flowers and got an overwhelming response to my Yellow Page Flowers. I will post a step by step tutorial soon, so stay tuned! Here is the final table set up with the informative flowers! (get it?)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Industry "Professionals"

Sometimes being professional is overrated:

my friends that make this industry the amazing place that it is:
Amanda: In the Now
Ryel: Ryel J

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paper Flower Madness!

When Jessica, manager of The White Dress in CDM, hired me to design and plan her wedding, I squealed at the opportunity! Besides the fact that Jess & Eric are BEAUTIFUL people, they have such a clean, classy, modern style. My favorite part was that Jess gave me FULL reign so my crazy mind was whirling! The only thing they insisted on was having a cocktail party style of event with lots of EATING, DRINKING, and DANCING! We were working with a tight budget, so it was so fun pushing through the challenge and thinking outside the box...and outside the box is my favorite place to be! My AMAZING team created 500+ paper flowers to flood this event with style and sass. Here is a huge shout out to all of the wonderful vendors:

Caterer: Dad's Tacos
Bar Service: Sunseri's
Photography: Josh Menashe + Ashley Rose
Dessert Buffet: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Design + Decor: jesi haack weddings
Photobooth: Foto Cabina
WHITE dance floor! Classic Party Rentals