Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Utterly Engaged E-Zine

I am IN LOVE with this online magazine. When Lucia, Bonnie Tsang and I were lunching at Tranquil Tea Lounge, inspiration was whirling! I mentioned how I would love to take today's AMAZING wedding ideas and trends that are super popular and figure out a way to create the same statement and vibe but make it a unique and different trend. Lucia immediately smiled and asked if I would want to write the article for UE. WHAT??? OF COURSE I WOULD!!!!
So with the help of my amazing husband/in-house photographer, we put together some photo shoots, did the research and came up with 5 trends and turned them into something fun, funky and different. Go here to read the entire issue of Utterly Engaged. Thank you so much to the fabulous girls at UE for publishing my article. Much Love to you!


Tey Garcia said...

I love your amazingly creative!!!

*swankytables*Annette said...

Great article! I loved the snow cone cocktail bar.