Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Max Wanger

I can barely contain my excitement to share this incredible James Bond status photo-genius with you.  The unique style that his lens captures is seriously unmatched.  His personalized signature is apparent in each image he snatches.  When I first checked out his blog, tearing my eyes away from my computer was like pulling my tongue off of an icy pole.  It just wasn't working.  He is also part of a KILLER collaboration called The Flashdance with photogs Our Labor of Love and a DJ called The Human Jukebox.  They are inspired by clients with a unique take on their wedding day.  The best news of all?  He and his incredibly adorable and ultra-chic bride to be are MY CLIENTS!  How did I get so lucky?  I am truly blessed to be working with this AMAZING couple and their wedding is going to be so cool, so hip, so unique that you are going to FLIP.  Here he is, the incredible Max Wanger:  
"Max constructed his first Polaroid camera
out of paper and scotch tape when he was
seven years old. To this day, he is fond
of scrap and simplicity, as well as vinyl
figures and the entire city of Tokyo.
Like you, Max has an incurably romantic
spirit that is warmly reflected in
his wedding photos, as well as those that
focus on food, fashion, foreign capitals,
friends, and loved ones. That's a lot of
"f" words"

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Amy said...

yes he is awesome! I felt the same way when I first saw his stuff!