Friday, June 12, 2009

Aaron Shintaku

Most of you probably are already familiar with his work from this post, but I wanted to give up some serious LOVE for my friend and photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE Aaron Shintaku.  His style is so clean, and creative, and just straight up LEGIT.  I have always been his biggest fan and I am beyond tickled to be working with him and Amy this weekend and to see what pieces of gold they capture.  Aaron recently launched his new website after deciding with his partner and sister to split AHS Photography into two separate companies.  The other half of AHS, Amy Hinden, is doing exciting things with the portrait side of photography.  Stay tuned for a post on her to come!  I am so excited for the new things that are happening for them and their businesses! 

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Amy said...

and you are straight up LEGIT! I love working with you. You tore it up tonight!!!