Thursday, February 5, 2009


I love my clients! And I love my job! When i first met Matt & Renee, Renee had on this really cute watch. I commented something clever, like, "I love your watch"...and she replied something equally as profound, "yours is super cute too!" What a great start to a friendly client relationship! Well, after planning their amazingly unique, asian fusion wedding on a yacht, they called me up. We met at a coffee shop to say hi, and they had something to give me. How sweet is this? They remembered my incredibly powerful observation about Renee's watch and to tell me how much they appreciated the work I did for their wedding they gave me this:
Thank you so much Matt & Renee! I hope your marriage is every bit as wonderful as your wedding!


Ashley Rose said...

Oh such nice clients!!!!! And that was a gorgeous wedding ;) lol- did you just mispell surprise?
wait did i just mispell MISSPELL?!

AHS Photography said...

sooo rad!

Allyson Magda Photography said...

sweet watch! you must have done a super job!