Friday, February 20, 2009

bridesmaid dresses

I am a huge fan of things not matching. Just ask my friends. or my husband. I never match. mostly i think it makes me really cool, but sometimes it really tanks. but i'm getting off track. I love when bridesmaid dresses don't match. Now, don't get me wrong: they MUST "go" it can't be just a ton of randomness thrown together. It looks something like the same color palette but different shades, or all pastels, or all earth tones, or just great colors that accent each other like turquoise and yellow. Are you getting the idea? I found this awesome example on one of my favorite blogs Style Me Pretty; a great place to find wedding and event inspiration! These girls are really pulling it off:

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Unknown said...

You would love my friends wedding last summer. Navy blue, teal and baby blue dresses. 9 bridesmaids, 3 of each color dress. With hydrengeas. So beautiful. I so wanted to do this when we got married. I was too chicken though. I needed you to kick me in the butt and just do it. I wanted plaid also. Ill have to find a pick of what I wanted and show you. Maybe only you would appreciate it.