Monday, January 4, 2010

How to deal with a Trouble Guest

This is something you ALL need to know. Your wedding will probably NOT be perfect. Chances are something is going to go a bit differently than you expected. You have a choice. You can either be a perfection Nazi, keeping your eye on every little detail, waiting to find something that isn't exact OR you can kick back, relax and just know that whatever happens, perfection or not, that it will be another unique page to your never-ending story. Read my latest article published by the sweethearts from Style Unveiled to hear a true story of one bride's GRACE. Here is a preview:

Me: “Are there any sensitive situations you want me to be aware of?”

Sweet Bride: “Yes, my dad’s girlfriend is crazy. Everyone hates her and she isn’t invited, but she might come anyway.”

Me: “Wow, that sounds exciting.” (what else can you say? Come on!)

Sweet Bride: “We’ll see HOW exciting!”

Two weeks before the wedding, I receive this phone call:

Sweet Bride: “Hi Jesi, she’s coming. And my sister might not come now because she will be there.”

Now, fast forward to the wedding day. The bridal party is gathered in the ceremony ballroom getting ready for family pictures. My bride’s eyes widen, her jaw drops, she looks at me with panic in her eyes.

Sweet Bride: “She is wearing a white dress. She. Is. Wearing. A. White. Dress. SHE IS WEARING A WHITE DRESS!”

The crazy girlfriend walks in wearing a floor length, white gown with a plunging (understatement) neckline, covered in one million sequins. The final touch is the over-the-top white fur stole she has wrapped around her extremely orange body.

Me: “Don’t worry. She looks like a Be-dazzler on crack. You look elegant, beautiful, magical and stunning. Don’t think twice about it.”

How did Sweet Bride handle it? Go here to read the end!


Diandra Ann said...

Wow. What a great bride! And a great wedding planner! And a poor, poor photographer! :)

Paige Appel said...

white hot. no pun intended.

Type & Swash said...

omg. such a sweet bride! some people have NO CLUE...great job in showing her out the door too! :)

Hanssie Trainor said...


You are freaking awesome!

Heather Kincaid said...

Love that story! Such a great response from you. :) Thank you for getting the message out there about wedding days not being perfect... and that they are better and more special because of it! :)

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