Friday, December 11, 2009

DIY Christmas Garland

Ok, so you wanna know the truth? I had this design idea for a tablescape. It involved these amazing craft puff balls. I had this vision. I spent time working and creating. I put it all together, and guess what? It didn't look like it did in my head. So now what? Well, plan B! I took my creation and put it, duh, on our Christmas tree! I wanted to share in the love so you can have a fantastic tree with some "at home" flavor!

1. Go to a craft store and buy your favorite color of craft balls.

2. Grab some thread and a needle.

3. Put in your favorite girly movie (I would recommend "Save the Last Dance")

4. Thread your needle and tie off an anchor at the bottom by making a thick knot in your thread for the first craft ball to rest on.

5. Randomly thread all different sizes and colors of craft balls onto the thread.

6. Keep threading until you have an enormously long garland for your tree!

7. Have a fabulous Christmas!

8. Praise Him!

1 comment:

Traci Tenkely said...

Love it! And I always craft to girlie movies - favorite christmas girlie movie is Love Actually!