Friday, November 13, 2009

Business Card Organization

Every time I walk in the door after a fun night at an industry event, I drop a stack of business cards on my desk. As an event designer, you KNOW I had to think of a cute, organized way to store these nuggets. So I had a cute, red dish that I threw them all in. But when I needed to find someone's number, or email address, sifting through the endless pile of cards was actually really annoying. So, I decided I was going to take control of the clutter madness on my desk. I went down to my garage, found an old flower box that was leftover from an event. I pulled a cardboard box out of the dumpster (yes, it's true) and I found some old school price tags in a drawer. Then I got to work.

Here is what I started with: cardboard, price tags, scotch tape, scissors, small box

I cut the cardboard to the size of the vessel I was using for my file. Keep the height of the cardboard dividers taller than the vessel you are using, so that you can read your tabs.

Next, tape your little tag on the top of the cardboard piece. As you add dividers to your file, slightly move each tab over a smidge, so that they can all be seen once inserted into the file.

Alphabetize all of your dividers for easy access

And, the final product! Super cute, cheap and organized!


Lori said...

Love it. Great idea. It's one of those left brain meets right ideas.

Melissa Vossler said...

I just love this!!! I'm always looking for fun and creative ways to keep organized. Thanks!

¡Fräulein! said...

nice one jesi!
i see the sambazon headquarters (aka the garage) is getting a little JH Wedding love too.
well done.
jenn s

Katelin Wallace Journigan said...

Great idea! I have biz cards all over the place!

Kyle Richter said...

Super creative..!! and way cooler than one that you would buy! I like.. Kyle.. of s28