Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun Favors

Let's think about this. Do you really need to spend extra money on that personalized shot glass that will go in your strange uncle's liquor cabinet? There ARE ways to personalize your wedding favor without being wasteful or tacky. So many party favors are discarded, not taken, or shoved in the back of a cabinet to never be looked at again. At one time I was completely jaded by wedding favors and even went so far as to guide my brides away from using them at all. Now I realize how creative and clever one can get with their wedding favor ideas. It can be a great way to incorporate personality and charming detail into your overall experience and at the same time ensure that your guests will remember your day (with out having to look at a champagne glass with someone else's name and wedding date on it). I was inspired to today to share some ideas that I have seen that epitomize the "Fun Favor" concept:

Anything edible always goes over well, and is a fun treat to eat now or later!
photo by Ryel J

Incorporating a family tradition with a homemade jam is a heartwarming treat for any guest.
Photo by AHS Photography

An oil lamp candle is a unique expression of the bride and groom's style.
photo by SilverBox Photographers

These precious little herb plants will keep the memory of your wedding alive long after your big day!
photo by Jamee Photography

My favorite, an eco-friendly favor: a reusable shopping bag. Love it!
photo by Leo Patrone Photography